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DIVA- 2013

Diva is one of the novels by Brazilian writer José de Alencar. It was published in 1864. There is a continuation of the work Luciola, contrary to what many think. The story ends on Lucíola own work. What connects the two works is a curious detail. The narrator of Luciola, Paul befriends the narrator Diva, Amaral, as can be seen from the title of Diva. So the book is composed of letters Diva that would have sent Paul Amaral, confessions as a friend.
Plot [edit]

Diva tells the story of Emilia Duarte. The narrator, in first person, is the man who loves her, Augusto Amaral. Emilia is a teenager and has retracted much aversion to strangers touch her. A condition leads almost to death. It's called a newly graduated physician, colleague of his brother, Dr. Augusto Amaral. Augusto dedicated to Emily, but she refuses to be touched and not even let into the room. After all, Augusto manages to save the girl, which makes her hate him, fearing that he needs your friendship as a reward. Here are several arguments and fights between the two, which shows the character of Emilia, extremely unstable and willful. Augusto ends up falling in love with Emily, but her actions are so uncertain that eventually lead him to despair. At the end it all ends well and rebalances when Emilia reveals her love for the doctor. At the end of Chapter III, Emilia's character is compared to a modern Venus, the diva of the halls, thus explaining the book's title: Diva.

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